For my sterling silver and gold-plated silver collection I work with a stone called cubic zirconia (CZ). CZ is a durable, affordable, synthetic stone that visually resembles a diamond. It's available in a large range of colors and sizes. You can see the color chart below.  

For my fine jewellery collection I use pearls, precious- and semi-precious stone. If you want a specific stone, you are always welcome to contact me at







Please note that stone colours can vary slightly from batch to batch. And colours can appear different on the website compared to reality. I have done my best to depict the colours as realistic as possible. But please have in mind that the setting on your screen/device can alter the way you perceive the colours on the website. 

The range of colours available changes from time to time. Send me a message if your dream colour is not represented. 



Most of my sterling silver and gold-plated silver jewellery are available with either a 2 mm or 3 mm size stone. What you prefer is a matter of taste. Please get in touch if you are interested in a stone size 4 mm or bigger. 



My signature texture is by all means unpredictable. Each piece I create is made by hand and textured individually - making them as unique as it gets. This means that I can't predict or control where the stone fits. Sometimes the texture creates a space for the stone in the bottom, the right corner, the left upper corner, and so on. Each piece is different. If you add a note about your preferred placement, I will have it into consideration when I craft your jewellery. 


Colour combinations 

Let's be honest; colour combinations can be challenging to pick. Even for me! The possibilities are endless and equally lovely. If you sincerely can't settle between all the fantastic options, I won't blame you. Just select the option Choose for me in all drop-down menus, and I will make a combination for you. Don't worry - they are all stunning.

If you have a colour shade preference, you are welcome to add it in the instruction field. Shades could be, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple, etc. Blue shades are for instance held in blue'ish colours such as lavender-ice blue-blue, and Pink shades are held in pink'ish colours such as light pink-lavender-red. The combination varies from time to time and sometimes overlap - but they will always be based on your chosen "base-shade".


Contact me at If you need any guidance.