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Buying A Gift?

Buying a gift is a tricky task.

There are a million things to consider when buying gifts - and even though we try hard, we don't always hit the nail on the head. 

Do they use silver, gold-plated silver or solid gold? What is their finger size? Do they have their ears pierced? What type of chain do they prefer and how long should it be? 

If the recipient of the gift didn't send you any instructions, all you can do is guess. But to help you make a well-qualified guess, I have made a guide below based on my experience. 


Buying a ring

Finger sizes vary widely. But some sizes are more common than others. If you are in doubt what finger size to settle on, consider choosing 52-54-56. 

You can read more about finger sizes here


Buying earrings

Should it be small, practical ones for everyday use or big, dangling ones for special occasions? No matter the size, the crucial thing you need to consider is this: Do they have their ears pierced? It would be silly to buy earrings for someone who can't use them... 


Buying a necklace

Necklaces are somehow a safe choice. Not everyone wears them - but everyone fits them. So far so good. 

When buying a necklace, you need to consider what type of chain you want and how long you want it. The most common length is 45 cm and 50 cm.  

You can read more about necklaces here 


Stone colours and sizes

Colours are a matter of taste. Some people are colourful; others prefer it quieter. The most popular colour choice (statistically speaking) is white, green & ice blue. But if you are unsure, always go for white.  


Generally speaking about gifts

If you are buying a gift, make sure to set the option "Is this a gift" to Yes. By doing this I will automatically gift wrap your purchase nicely, so it is ready for the occasion.  


What if you made the wrong choice? Well, you did your best! You can always exchange it for another size, another product or get a refund. Read more about returns here


If you need any help, please send me an email at hello@morningdewcph.com or call/text 60 85 72 80. My name is Sabine, and I speak Danish and English. I am happy to help you!



Pssst....! Why not get them a gift card so they can choose for themselves? You can find gift cards in all price ranges here