Necklace chart

Necklaces come in a variety of types and sizes. 

The sketch illustrates the different lengths and their approximate placement on the body.

Please note that the length can vary depending on your height and the size of your neck and bosom. Remember to take into account the length/size of the pendant as well.

If you are unsure what length you want, you can always cut a string of ribbon or cord of some kind. Put the chain around your neck and let the ends meet like a temporary necklace. Adjust the length until you get the right size. Take the string down and measure the total length from end to end. 



Chain Sizes

38 cm is considered a very short chain that falls at the collar bone.

42 cm is a short chain too, but very popular.

45 cm & 50 cm are the most common choices as they fit most neck openings.

60 cm is considered a long chain that usually falls at the cleavage.  


Types of chains

I offer three different kinds of chains; Cable, Box & Curb.

As a basic rule, chains are not made to withstand tear or pull of any kind. It is not because they are of poor quality or poorly made. They can last a lifetime if you treat them right and respect their limitations. 

However, some chains are more robust than others. If you are the kind of person that can't resist a good pillow fight even though you are wearing handmade jewellery - then maybe consider choosing the Box or Curb chain as the Cable chain is by far the most delicate of the three. But If you are just somehow mindful while wearing your jewellery, then you shouldn't experience problems at all.